OlaClick is part of Y Combinator


OlaClick is part of the W21 round of the renowned Silicon Valley startup accelerator.

With the appearance of Covid-19, we saw how traditional food businesses struggle to generate direct sales with their customers. We created OlaClick as the alternative for restaurants in Latin America to grow their own sales channel without paying commissions! They create a digital menu, promote it very easily and receive orders through WhatsApp.

Once with our first users, we dared to present our initiative to the most prominent digital project accelerator worldwide: Y Combinator (known as YC). Of the more than 15,000 companies that apply each year, they only accept 1%. YC has come from Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox, Rappi, Stripe, Twitch.tv and many other companies that millions of people use every day.

The 4 co-founders of OlaClick, José, Karol, Morgan and Ulysse, suspended our respective professional commitments to dedicate everything to our endeavor. We feel very fortunate to receive not only a very valuable investor but also the strategic support that characterizes YC.

We reached one million unique users! They visit the more than 200,000 registered restaurants and food and beverage businesses. Every day we generate commission-free sales for both restaurants and their customers.

Contact us at founders@olaclick.com

OlaClick helps more than 200,000 companies become more competitive.

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